Upper Hunter Conservatorium of Music



drama ensembles

Junior Drama Ensemble (Ages 7-11)

Weekly 30-45 minute class for buddying drama students. Minimum of 5 students in the group. Build confidence and social skills while having fun with like minded creative children. Develop the young actor’s tool kit using voice, movement, and role-play to unleash creative play and thinking.

Senior Drama Ensemble (Ages 12-16)

Weekly 45 minute class for high school students. Minimum of 5 students in the group. This class is for high school students who have a high level of enthusiasm for self-devised work. Students will provide input into a range of social themes they feel are important to them, and work will be collaborated and explored theatrically. In the past performances have been devised on a range of themes such as “Eat It”“Us and Them”“The Bare Belly Snitches” and "Shakespearian Lovers War”. Students can improve their Theatre Sport skills, monologue skills and public speaking skills while having fun with peers.


Public Speaking and Impromptu Speaking (Solo)

For a student who is preparing for an event which involves speaking in public: Wedding, Eisteddfod, HSC, Competition or work related event. 20 or 30 minute lessons available. Students are introduced to the elements of a successful speech, the importance of time management, and effective body language in delivery including microphone technique.