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29 Oct 2017






Student Of The Month!

August: Mackenzie Pollard

Mackenzie was nominated by her Piano teacher, Sheriden Sommerley. Mackenzie is a steady worker who practices regularly and is now reaping the rewards of her consistent regime. She is quickly absorbing new techniques such as wrist staccato, phrasing and management of dynamics and is always ready to try new material and to improve her playing. Her consistency, stick-ability and adult attitude to her work are highly commendable. Congratulations, Mackenzie!



Previous Students of the Month

February - Bridie O'Neill (Cello)
March - Sophie Wendt (Flute)
April - Megan Leschnik (Drama)
May - Cassidy Watts (Saxophone)
June - Mia Grabham (Violin)
July - Elliott Mackenzie (Clarinet)

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